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Decadance – in the Romana Square in Bucharest, nestled away from the crowds and noise, we are at the heart of one of the city’s biggest office buildings - The Landmark.

Alin Tudor

Alin Tudor


He is currently shy and will write details about him soon!

Established in 2018, Decadance was born out of two brothers’ passion for hospitality: Alin and Alexandru Tudor - two of the most awarded Romanian bartenders.

Alexandru Tudor

Alexandru Tudor


He is even more shy so it will take a little longer to get to know him.


Inspired by one of the greatest dance shows – “Decadance” – and its choreographer Ohad Naharin, the venue welcomes its guests into a theatre-like scene, embellished with curtains, Scala arcades, terrazzo floor and many other decor objects that emphasize the fantasy.

It is a scene where our drinks and dishes take the spotlight completed by our outstanding team, whose members are linked to a big common passion: hospitality.

The brothers in action

We can cook, We can dance and for sure we can make you a DRINK!

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No matter why you’ll visit us, we know for sure that we will create a remarkable experience for you!


Because hospitality is taught at home, we were inspired by local ingredients, which we translated into modern dishes, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find on your plate many different types of local cheese, charcuterie, polenta, meat and many other traditional goodies – with a twist!

And the beverages….ooh boy, there are so many to be explored! Using bespoke techniques and experimenting with ingrediens to develop new ways to capture flavour, we create outsanding cocktails to be enjoyed in this lovely environment.

Our passion for flavors goes further and we have put together a big collection of more than 16 local spirits, 60+ local wines, completed with 70+ gins, 40+ whiskies and 30+ rums from all over the world.

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